Summary of round 2 of the Champions League group stage: Round of surprises

The second round of the Champions League group stage 2021 - 2022 has ended with exciting, emotional and surprising matches.

"Stranger" Sheriff Tiraspol

The "earthquake" is named after Sheriff. Photo: DM
The "earthquake" is named after Sheriff. Photo: DM

The new team that participated in the Champions League group stage for the first time, Sheriff Tiraspol, continued to create a "seismic" when defeating the most successful team on the continental playground Real Madrid right at the Bernabeu.

Despite having to be a guest in a grandiose and pressurized stadium against a team that holds the record for the number of Champions League winners with 13 European champions Real Madrid, the Moldovan champion is nicknamed "" Sheriff" had a brave fight and brought unexpected results.

The rookie team of the Champions League this season calmly accepted the pressure that coach Ancelotti's army created, knocked out most of the central coordination, and prevented many crosses into the penalty area before launching. injury, creating a big shock in this season's Champions League.

Defeating the "fortress" of the Bernabeu, Sheriff had a second consecutive victory in the Champions League this season to stay at the top of Group D with 6 absolute points. Real Madrid are second with 3 points, while Inter Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk both have 1 point after 2 matches.

The defending champion and runner-up fell together

The defending champion Chelsea was caught in the Juventus trap. Photo: DM
The defending champion Chelsea was caught in the Juventus trap. Photo: DM

The second round saw the defeat of defending champion Chelsea against Old Lady Juventus in Group H of the Champions League 2021-2022.

This loss made teachers and coaches Thomas Tuchel face difficulties after 2 consecutive defeats in all competitions. Last weekend, Chelsea lost to Manchester City 0-1 in the English Premier League.

For Juventus, a 1 - 0 victory is just enough for them to monopolize the top of Group H after 2 matches with 6 absolute points. Chelsea and Zenit have the same 3 points to share the next 2 places. Malmoe FF does not have any points temporarily at the bottom of the table.

Also in this series, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) won all 3 points with a 2 - 0 victory over runner-up Man City in the highlight match in Group A of the Champions League.

Man City fell to PSG. Photo: DM
Man City fell to PSG. Photo: DM

Notably, superstar Lionel Messi had the first goal for the home team at the Park of the Princes. This is the first goal of the Argentine superstar for PSG after he decided to join the team this past summer. Breaking is the emotion of Messi fans when they see the perfect lap against Man City - because they have been waiting for it for quite a long time.

With this goal, Messi not only helped PSG win but also helped him personally reach a new cup in his career when he had the 17th consecutive season to score in the Champions League, equal to the achievement of Karim Benzema, the bridge. The player also reached this milestone when he scored for Real in a 1-2 loss to Sheriff.

With the victory over Man City, PSG overcame their own opponents to rise to the top of Group A with 4 points, equal to Club Brugge, the team that surprised when defeating Leipzig 2 - 1.

Meanwhile, Barcelona marked the worst start to their Champions League history with a 3-0 loss to Benfica in Group E. This defeat also leaves coach Ronald Koeman's future at Camp Nou very uncertain.

Barcelona is in trouble. Photo: DM
Barcelona is in trouble. Photo: DM

According to statistics, the fact that Barca lost the first two matches in the Champions League group stage with a 0-6 difference is unprecedented in history. In the past, the Catanuya team also lost 2 matches in the European arena, but in the UEFA Cup season 1972 - 1973.

With no points after 2 matches without being able to score any goals, Barca is facing the prospect of being eliminated early from the group stage. In this group, Bayern Munich confirmed the number one position with 6 absolute points. Benfica is in 2nd place with 4 points, while Dynamo Kiev with 1 point is in 3rd place.

When Messi and Ronaldo shine together

Rare image in Messi. Photo: DM
Rare image in Messi. Photo: DM

In the victory over Man City, besides the first goal to help PSG beat the opponent 2 - 0, the act of lying down on the field behind the fence to cover in the free kick situation on the opponent's side is the image to impressed again in the second round of the Champions League group stage 2021 - 2022.

Messi surprised many people with that "condescending" attitude. This is something that has never happened to this superstar in a Barcelona shirt before and is also the first time in his career that people have seen the Argentine superstar lying on the field, participating in this strange defense.

People are only used to the image of Messi scoring, celebrating or the top dribbling. The first time I saw Messi lying in the yard as a barrier. There is even an opinion that it is disrespectful to such a top star.

There are also many people who support the decision of coach Pochettino. That is, even if he is a top superstar, in a team, he is just an individual. No one is above the team. He has a duty to score goals but he also has an obligation to protect the goal.

In fact, in situations like this, small players often lie down because tall players are always prioritized for the task of setting up barriers. The important thing is that the 34-year-old star does not feel any pride when having to accept such a defensive gesture. Because more than anyone, he is more involved in the defense system, accepting to make himself an inseparable link in the team's overall play. That shows Messi's professionalism and determination to integrate with the French capital team.

Ronaldo is the hero to save MU. Photo: DM
Ronaldo is the hero to save MU. Photo: DM

"Messi called, Ronaldo answered", the Portuguese star also shone in this round when he scored in the 90 + 5 minutes to help MU upstream to win Villarreal 2 - 1 at Old Trafford.

This is the first win of the Red Devils in this year's Champions League. With 3 points obtained in this match, Man United has temporarily climbed to 3rd place in the rankings, 1 point behind leaders Atalanta and Young Boys in terms of head-to-head record. Next match, MU will meet Atalanta.

With the participation in the match against Villarreal, Ronaldo has made a total of 178 appearances in the Champions League. This helps him surpass goalkeeper Iker Casillas to become the man with the most appearances in this arena. The Portuguese superstar also holds the record for the number of goals in the Champions League with 136 goals.

Results of the second round of the Champions League group stage:

Table A
PSG 2 - 0 Manchester City
RB Leipzig 1 - 2 Club Brugge

Porto 1 - 5 Liverpool
AC Milan 1 - 2 Atletico Madrid

Table Size
Borussia Dortmund 1 - 0 Sporting Lisbon
Ajax 2 - 0 Besiktas

EASY Table
Real Madrid 1 - 2 Sheriff
Shakhtar Donetsk 0 - 0 Inter Milan

Table E
Bayern Munich 5 - 0 Dynamo Kyiv
Benfica 3 - 0 Barcelona

Table F
Man United 2 - 1 Villarreal
Atalanta 1 - 0 Young Boys

Salzburg 2 - 1 Lille
Wolfsburg 1 - 1 Seville

Table of Surnames
Zenit 4 - 0 Malmo FF
Juventus 1 - 0 Chelsea
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