The US denies China's accusations of 'hiding information' of a submarine ramming a strange object in the South China Sea

The Pentagon denies China's accusations that the United States concealed information about the collision of a nuclear submarine with a "foreign object" in the South China Sea.

The nuclear submarine USS Connecticut docked at the port of Yokosuka, Japan on July 31, 2021. Photo: US Navy
The nuclear submarine USS Connecticut docked at the port of Yokosuka, Japan on July 31, 2021. Photo: US Navy

Speaking at a press conference on October 12, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that China's accusations are absurd, because no one is going to hide information when that person has released a press release about China. case.

The Seawolf-class nuclear submarine USS Connecticut (SSN-22) collided with an unidentified object while moving in the South China Sea on October 2, injuring 11 sailors on board. But it was not until 5 days later that the US Navy released information about this collision incident - a move that prompted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian (Zhao Lijian) to voice questions, demanding that the US publish the information. more detailed information.

"The irresponsible attitude, non-cooperation and concealment of information only make the international community more suspicious of the US intentions and what really happened," Mr. Trieu Lap Kien stated at the meeting. reported on 8/10.

The representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry asked the US to clarify information about the exact location of the incident, the navigation intention, the detailed developments, the object that the submarine hit, whether the collision occurred. cause nuclear leakage or damage to the marine environment... Mr. Trieu Lap Kien also said that the root cause of this collision was the US "causing trouble in the East Sea under the guise of freedom of navigation".

The cause of the accident is still unknown. At a press conference on October 12, when he received a request to confirm that the USS Connecticut did not collide with another ship, Kirby said that reporters should contact the US Navy directly to get a response. details.

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