US small businesses 'revolving' according to the current situation of COVID-19

For a brief period this summer, small businesses expected a revival from the COVID-19 freeze. More and more Americans have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and they are flocking to restaurants and stores to make up for the time apart.

A sign asking to wear a mask in front of a restaurant in the US. Photo: AP
A sign asking to wear a mask in front of a restaurant in the US. Photo: AP

But then, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out due to the Delta variant, mandatory vaccination was promoted. Today, small businesses in the country are struggling to balance between staying safe and getting back to full operation.

But this also comes with many risks, from financial hardship to staff training and customer satisfaction. These challenges can increase as winter approaches and outdoor activities become more limited. However, many small business owners claim to accept the difficulty of keeping employees and customers safe.

New York City made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for customers in August. Dan Rowe, CEO of the company that operates the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop in New York, said the regulation creates a financial burden. . Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has been open since May, has 6 employees and operates on an automated, non-contact model. Accordingly, there are barriers between the kitchen, staff and customers. Customers order food through the app. When the kitchen completes the dish, it will be moved to the automatic window so the workers will not come into contact with the customers. "We designed this small restaurant and the government is driving us in the opposite direction," said Dan Rowe. Mr. Rowe had to hire an additional staff to check the status of customers' vaccinations from the door.

Jennifer Williams is the founder of a company that specializes in wardrobe installations. She said the company does not have the concept of working remotely because employees always need to be present at the factory or at the customer's address, so they have to adapt to COVID-19 precautions.

Her employees are all vaccinated against COVID-19 and must wear masks when working. However, Ms. Jennifer Williams also shared that working 8 hours a day to maintain wearing masks can put pressure on employees' morale.

Jessica Benhaim is the owner of a gym in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After the city of Philadelphia imposed a mandatory mask wearing rule in mid-August, her gym also required students to wear masks. However, students who have had enough COVID-19 vaccines can remove their masks when practicing on the mat. She admits that constantly changing to adapt over the past 18 months has been tiring.

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