US to lift restrictions on foreign visitors from November 8

On October 15, a White House official said the US government will lift travel restrictions on fully vaccinated foreigners. Accordingly, people from more than 30 specific countries will be allowed to enter the US through air and land border gates from November 8.

People wear masks to prevent COVID-19 infection in New York, USA. Photo documentary: THX
People wear masks to prevent COVID-19 infection in New York, USA. Photo documentary: THX

Since March 2020, the US has restricted visitors from entering the country, unless absolutely necessary, to prevent the risk of spreading the COVID-19 epidemic.

On September 20, the White House announced that the US would lift restrictions on visitors from 33 countries, including China, India, Brazil and most European countries, from early November. At that time, the US did not specify a specific time to implement this decision. At that time, the White House also announced that it would require foreigners entering from every country in the world to have a certificate of full vaccination. Non-US citizens entering by air will be required to have vaccination confirmation before boarding and must have tested negative for COVID-19. Foreign visitors who enter by land do not need to have a negative test result.

* Also on October 15, France stopped the free COVID-19 testing program for all citizens. This is part of the government's efforts to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Currently, in France, to be able to enter restaurants, cafes, sports venues and entertainment venues such as cinemas, people must have a negative certificate for COVID-19, a new certificate. recovering from illness or certifying that he has been fully vaccinated. As vaccination has become easier and more convenient for everyone, the French government believes that testing should not be considered a substitute for vaccination.

Thus, nearly 7 million French people who have not been vaccinated or have just received a shot will have to pay between 22 - 44 euros ($ 25 - 50) for a test. The free testing will only be available to people who cannot be vaccinated for confirmed medical reasons, people who have recently been in contact with a sick person, people who have recently tested positive, or who have been vaccinated. request testing for medical reasons.

Besides the purpose of encouraging people to get injections, the above measure will help the government save costs for COVID-19 testing, which is expected to reach 6.2 billion euros ($7.2 million) this year. 2021, a sharp increase from $2.2 billion in 2020.

France currently records more than 5,000 new cases per day, with many signs that the fourth wave of disease in the country is gradually passing.

Also from October 15, staff working in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes as well as firefighters and ambulance drivers in the country will have to provide confirmation of full vaccination if they want to continue. contract of employment and salary.

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