Why did Facebook die for 7 hours without saving it?

A large corporation like Facebook, with a huge team of engineers and resources, can't help but watch its system go down for 7 hours straight.

The services provided by Facebook were not accessible for about 7 o'clock on the evening of 4-10. Photo: Reuters
The services provided by Facebook were not accessible for about 7 o'clock on the evening of 4-10. Photo: Reuters

The services provided by Facebook - including the social network Facebook, the messaging application Messenger, the social network Instagram and the application WhatsApp - are not accessible globally.

Thus, the incident occurred on the afternoon of 4-10 (US time), which is during working hours. However, according to The Guardian, it took about 7 hours for Facebook to solve the problem, and the group is said to take too long to fix such a problem.

The initial cause came from the fact that Facebook's internal systems remained operational from the same location, making it difficult for staff to diagnose and troubleshoot.

UK technology editor Alex Hern said all services offered by Facebook run on shared infrastructure. So the usual way to fix the same problem doesn't work.

Even Facebook employees were unable to access their own communication platforms, workplaces and offices due to the security bypass system being down.

Engineers had to rush to data centers in the state of California - USA to reset the servers manually. An internal source revealed that the problem is compounded by many Facebook employees still working from home due to the impact of Covid-19, making it take a long time for them to get to the data center.

So far, Facebook has not detailed the problem or fixed it, instead only briefly explaining that the problem was caused by a faulty update being sent to their servers. The update also disables all system needed to fix the problem.

The head of technology at security firm Cloudflare, John Graham-Cunningham, said Facebook had made a series of updates to the "border gate protocol" (BGP) that made the social network "disappear" from the public domain. internet during the time of the incident.

BGP allows the exchange of routing information on the internet and directs people to the websites they want to visit.

Daily Mail reports that Facebook lost about $100 million in direct revenue in the above incident. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg's fortune alone lost more than 6 billion USD as the company's shares fell 5.5%. Mr. Zuckerberg later apologized to users for the disruption.

The Guardian newspaper warned that similar incidents could happen again in the future, seriously affecting individuals and businesses that rely on Facebook to communicate and do business online.

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