Why does a married pilot get to fly the CIA's fastest superplane?

To fly this "unique" aircraft, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency of the United States) made extremely strict requirements for the pilot. One of them is forcing them to have a wife, according to Business Insider.

Pilots who fly SR-71 must be married (photo: Insider)
Pilots who fly SR-71 must be married (photo: Insider)

In 1962, the A-12 was specifically designed by military contractor Lockheed for top-secret CIA missions. To date, this is still the fastest aircraft the CIA has ever owned with a speed exceeding Mach 3 (three times the speed of sound).

The project to develop A-12 aircraft (alias Oxcart) was hidden by the US for decades. It was not until 2007 that some information about the A-12 was revealed by the US.

According to Insider, the A-12 can maintain a high speed continuously for many hours. The goal of this super-fast aircraft was to surpass the missile radar system and fighter aircraft of the Soviet Union - America's main opponent during the Cold War.

Every centimeter on the fuselage is designed to withstand the extreme heat of soaring at speeds above 3,700 km/h. At this speed limit, the A-12's outer shell can heat up to 530 degrees Celsius.

Unable to use ordinary metal, the US must use a special titanium alloy to make A-12. However, the US supply of titanium was not enough at that time while the Soviet Union was the world's largest supplier of titanium. To solve this difficult problem, the US has repeatedly wriggled and imported titanium for the Oxcart project from its own opponent, the Soviet Union.

Not only manufacturing, flying this type of aircraft is also not easy. In addition to the conditions of physical strength, high adaptability, quick handling of situations, extensive experience... the A-12 pilot is also required to have a wife.

A-12 is the predecessor of SR-71 - the world's fastest reconnaissance aircraft dubbed "black bird" (photo: CNN)
A-12 is the predecessor of SR-71 - the world's fastest reconnaissance aircraft dubbed "black bird" (photo: CNN)

“To fly the A-12, the pilot must be highly qualified with a total flight time of at least 2,000 hours, including 1,000 hours flying with fighter aircraft. They must be married, mentally strong. Only people between the ages of 25 and 40 were recruited," said David Robarge, a CIA historian.

Explaining that the pilot of the A-12 was required to be married, according to the CIA, this condition was to ensure that the pilot would not defect or sell secrets about this aircraft to the Soviet Union or another opponent of the aircraft. America.

According to Mr. Robarge, when the A-12 went into testing, at least 12 US intelligence officials were found to be Soviet spies.

In addition, some military experts believe that married men will have more stable psychology than ordinary people. If they changed sides to the Soviet Union, at least they were concerned about the safety of their families.

“According to legend, Spartan warriors who set out to fight the invading Persians were forced to have sons because they knew they would never return. The CIA then saw 'family men' as absolutely loyal soldiers," said Mr.

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