Football claims another Microsoft Surface tablet

Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey slams his tablet into his desk out of frustration
That poor Surface tablet.

Microsoft Surface tablets have been taking a beating at football events these past two weekends. During the Buffalo Bills game against the Miami Dolphins this afternoon, Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey took his frustration out on his tablet as the Dolphins secured a win during the final moments of the game.

Dorsey’s reaction may have been warranted, although he probably could’ve chosen another outlet for his anger (like a stress ball perhaps?). The Bills had a chance to run one more play to win the game, but the team ultimately ran out of time, losing to the Dolphins 19-21. When cameras turned to the booth where he was watching the game, Dorsey ripped off his headset and tossed his hat before he picked up the tablet and started violently slamming it against his desk.

Last weekend, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady spiked a Surface tablet into the ground after his team made an incomplete pass when they faced off against the Saints. This temper tantrum even caught the eye of Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay, who responded by saying “Rest assured the Surface should be just fine.”

Microsoft partnered with the NFL back in 2014 to replace the paper-based system of reviewing plays on the sidelines with Surface tablets. Since then, the tablets have seen abuse from Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Patriots coach Bill Belichick, and, of course, Tom Brady, who’s been caught tossing the tablet twice so far.

Source: The Verge

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