I hope someone makes memes out of these funny animal photos

A salmon flies into the side of a bear’s face.
Image: John Chaney / Comedy Wildlife 2022

I learned today that there is a contest called the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, which selects the funniest animal photos submitted by professional and amateur photographers each year. The gallery of finalists includes some true gems, like a bear getting hit in the face by a fish, a zebra falling over, and a waving penguin.

The competition is for a good cause — every year, it supports a conservation organization, and this year, it’s working with the Whitley Fund for Nature, a charity in the United Kingdom.

It also seems like great fodder for memes. But I am only medium funny, so I’ll leave it to others to come up with some better ideas than I possibly could. These are some of my personal favorites from the finalists! I hope that you are inspired or at least manage to make your boss giggle at an inappropriate time in a Zoom meeting, like I did when I sent these to her earlier today.

One monkey lies in the dirt while another monkey pokes its chest. Image: Federica Vinci / Comedy Wildlife 2022
I am obsessed with the one single little monkey finger resting on the fallen monkey’s chest.
Close-up of fish with large lips against a blue background. Image: Arturo Telle Thiemann / Comedy Wildlife 2022
This reminds me of those TikToks of what men in college look like when they lean in to kiss you.
A salmon flies into the side of a bear’s face. Image: John Chaney / Comedy Wildlife 2022
The bear just looks so surprised. I’m in awe.
A seal smooshing its face into another seal. Image: Andrew Peacock / Comedy Wildlife 2022
Head empty just boop.
A bear cub peeks out from behind a tree with an outstretched arm. Image: Dave Shaffer / Comedy Wildlife 2022
This bear is standing more elegantly than I ever could.
A zebra falls over. Image: Vince Burton / Comedy Wildlife 2022
This is really relatable.

You can see the rest of the finalists in a gallery here. The contest also has a People’s Choice Award, with voting open until November 27th. Winners will be announced on December 8th.

Source: The Verge

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