1000 Deutsche Redensarten

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1000 Deutsche Redensarten (PDF)

Download 1000 Deutsche Redensarten (PDF) for free
Download "1000 Deutsche Redensarten (PDF)" for free

1000 German idioms. With explanations and application examples. From Dr. Heinz Griesbach and Dr. Dora Schulz
Synopsis in German: The German language has a rich treasure trove of idiomatic expressions. The most important 1000 of these expressions, which you will come across again and again in conversation or while reading, have been collected in this book.

The alphabetical order of the key terms makes the individual idioms easy to find. Explanations and application examples appropriate to the situation serve not only for passive understanding, but also make it easier for you to actively acquire these expressions. Humorous illustrations help you understand many idioms.

The learning and reference value of this book is increased by the fact that the expressions listed come from the lively contemporary language. The familiar colloquial language was also given due consideration. All editions have so far proven that the “1000” German idioms correspond to the linguistic needs of today.

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