Gesundheitsatlas Anatomie

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German Grammar Drills by Ed Swick (PDF)

Download German Grammar Drills by Ed Swick (PDF) for free
Download "German Grammar Drills by Ed Swick (PDF)" for free

The human body in new pictures. In this comprehensive, richly illustrated atlas, all organs and regions of the human body are presented in detail and vividly: Over 600 high-quality anatomical drawings, diagrams, visual and X-ray images convey a detailed picture of the human anatomy, rounded off and supplemented by the competent representation of the most important Causes of illness and their healing paths. Meaningful illustrations, scientifically precise terms in German and Latin as well as expert background information make this picture atlas an indispensable reference work for professionals and every mature patient. Detailed representation of the human anatomy in words and pictures. With over 500 specially made impressive and high-quality drawings of the human body, its organs and regions as well as around 100 diagrams, visual and X-ray images. With precise German and Latin names and expert explanations of anatomical facts as well as presentation of the most important causes of illness and their healing paths. A comprehensive and indispensable reference work for members of the medical health professions, medical students and interested laypeople.

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