Beste Freunde A2.1

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Beste Freunde A2.1 (PDF+CD)

Download Beste Freunde A2.1 (PDF+CD) for free
Download "Beste Freunde A2.1 (PDF+CD)" for free

As a half-volume or as two half-volumes in one package per level: - modular structure: each module comprises three short lessons of four pages and five additional module pages - attractive module entry page: it introduces one of the young protagonists and summarizes the communicative learning objectives - Versatile: the module pages at the end contain two pages on regional studies and project work, a grammar overview and speeches as well as a page with repetitive tasks - motivating: one of the protagonists accompanies one of the protagonists authentically and sympathetically through a module - easy to teach: the lessons are structured in small steps and convey grammar , Vocabulary and speech in a flat progression - varied: a reliable training of the various language skills varies with many games and songs that loosen up the lessons - suggestions for interdisciplinary lessons CLIL

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