Schritte 6

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Schritte 6 (PDF+CD)

Download Schritte International 1 (PDF+CD) for free
Download "Schritte 6 (PDF+CD)" for free

Steps 6 is a free app that allows you to access all audios and films from the Steps 6 course and workbook, ISBN 978-3-19-601082-4.

The app works according to the augmented reality principle. The individual audio and video files are clearly assigned to corresponding pages in the book and are automatically visible as icons when each book page is scanned. The number of you can easily select suitable audio texts and films for each page.

Scan a book page from steps 6. The audio and video icons will automatically become visible immediately. Select the corresponding file by tapping an audio or video icon. The file then opens directly in the app. The numbering of the data follows the system printed in the book. The audio files are also available offline.

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