Schritte International 1

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Schritte International 1 (PDF+CD)

Download Schritte International 1 (PDF+CD) for free
Download "Schritte International 1 (PDF+CD)" for free

A textbook for everyone who lives or wants to live in a German-speaking country. Target group: Adult beginners at adult education institutions in a German-speaking country; Learners abroad who want to prepare for life (study or work stay) in a German-speaking country. Learning objective: Steps are based exactly on the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference: Two volumes of the six-volume textbook each lead to levels A1, A2 and B1 and prepare for the new exams Start Deutsch 1 and 2 as well as the Zertifikat Deutsch. Concept: Topics relevant to everyday life: Steps facilitate integration into everyday German-speaking life: The important areas of family life and the world of work take up a lot of space. Examples: Housing and job search, school system and health care system Transparent structure: The lessons are short and have a clear structure. Each learning step is completed on one page. The sequence of exercises and tasks in each learning step is transparent for teachers and students. A photo-audio story as an introduction to each lesson: Episodes of an entertaining photo-audio story form the beginning and the framework of each lesson. The story offers opportunities for identification, implicitly conveys regional knowledge and also trains global listening comprehension. Internal differentiation: With the extensive, transparent differentiation offer in steps, you can adapt the progression of the textbook to the needs of your learning groups. Preparation for the Start Deutsch and Zertifikat Deutsch exams: The language activities, the grammar and the vocabulary in steps correspond exactly to the examination specifications. The workbook also contains tasks that prepare you for the exam. The conclusion of the respective level (A1, A2, B1) is a targeted exam training with a model test and tips for the exam. The integrated workbook: The exercises and tasks are marked according to their level of difficulty. This helps the teacher when working with heterogeneous learning groups. In addition, the workbook contains a detailed phonetics program, many projects and an introduction to important learning strategies using a learning diary. The course book with integrated work book also contains an audio CD for the work book part in this edition, so that learners can work on listening comprehension and phonetics exercises independently at home.

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